Durex news article - release date: 30/11/2010

Durex encourages World AIDS Day participation

World AIDS Day is just around the corner, and Durex will be doing its bit to help support the occasion and encourage people to get involved.

The annual global health day — which takes place on December 1st — is organised to raise awareness of HIV and show support for people living with the condition. And this year, as part of its commitment to increasing public awareness of HIV, Durex is hosting the UK World AIDS Day (WAD) event listing and search facility on behalf of the NAT (National AIDS Trust).

The web page allows visitors both to search for WAD activities across the country and to list and promote their own events — all for free. The event can be absolutely anything, from an art show or a gig to a workshop or a debate.

Charles Shepherd, Head of Health Promotion at Durex, said: "World AIDS Day is an opportunity to bring people together to raise awareness of HIV, and by organising or attending an event you can help to get people talking."

"However you're planning to get involved — whether it's raising funds for an HIV charity or just encouraging people to think about the condition — it will all help to make a big difference."

World AIDS Day, which first took place in 1988, is dedicated to raising awareness HIV across the world. This year's UK theme, Act Aware, is all about understanding HIV and acting on that knowledge to tackle HIV prejudice and to protect yourself and others from HIV transmission.

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT, said: "It's great that Durex is supporting NAT in this way, and I hope this year's World AIDS Day will be a hugely successful way of getting people to think about HIV and 'Act Aware'."

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Durex is getting the world talking to raise awareness of HIV, improve understanding of HIV prevention and support local HIV-prevention and education projects.